Air Guitar Nation – happy sadness

 If you haven’t seen the rockumentary “Air Guitar Nation (2006)”, you really should. A wacky-looking real life cartoon character wearing a Hello Kitty breastplate, calling himself C-Diddy, ends up being the world champion of air guitar…. So what, right?  Well, just as the rockumementary “Anvil, The Story of Anvil” goes much deeper than a Spinal-Tap tale of failed dreams […]

Russell Brand and his self-righteous approach to addiction treatment

I’ve been watching the current Russell Brand drug policy reform series on ABC, and I find a lot of his views are ill-informed, self-righteous, and narrow minded… Openly stigmatising drug use/addiction/treatment, whilst spouting intellectual/spiritual diahorrea pushing for abstinence-based treatment as the ONLY approach (because it’s currently working for him)… Addiction is complex, and there is […]