Russell Brand and his self-righteous approach to addiction treatment

I’ve been watching the current Russell Brand drug policy reform series on ABC, and I find a lot of his views are ill-informed, self-righteous, and narrow minded… Openly stigmatising drug use/addiction/treatment, whilst spouting intellectual/spiritual diahorrea pushing for abstinence-based treatment as the ONLY approach (because it’s currently working for him)… Addiction is complex, and there is not just one simple solution or approach. Russell himself has surely just replaced illicit susbances with the “natural” high he gets from performing, his ego, his own sense of witty intellectualism, and the ‘profound’ nature of his statements. I could go on, but instead, check out the link below… I don’t agree with everything they have written, though I agree that Brand – while his intentions are good – is too caught up in his single-minded view of addiction and treatment to convey a rounded, consistent and truly compassionate understanding of addiction, treatment, and the way forward… The following piece written by INPUD is pretty interesting and I share a lot of their views…


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